Thursday, January 5, 2023

Swim with the Salmon

I wrote the following poem August 7, 2002, after visiting the fish ladder at Seattle's Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. Watching through the glass as the salmon swam against the intense pressure of the water got me thinking about the similarities of salmon fighting the water pressure and us fighting temptation.

Salmon at Willamette Falls, OR
Source: NOAA Photo Library, 1950

The current rages on
Downstream with awesome force
While the salmon swim along
Upstream to spawning grounds
Against the raging current

We've got to swim with the salmon
Go against the flow
Jump up all the ladders
Go up the waterfalls

The current rages on
Down the rivers of this world
The temptation is so strong
To conform to the ways of the world
And just to go with the flow

We're called to swim with the salmon
Against the raging current
Following the Lord
Not conforming to the world

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