Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Lament for Astrid

Astrid, my beautiful Astrid
From the first test drive, I was in love! 
Your shining silver coat
Your wonderful gas mileage
You were always there
I could always depend on you
To get me where I was going

My pride and joy
My own beloved car
I couldn't ask for a greater automotive child 
You were my own
I loved you so
We went through so much together
My sweet, strong car

On that final ill-fated trip
You got us far
You worked so well
And when disaster struck
Divine strength guided us
Between the trees
Glancing off, not hitting head on
Coming to rest
Airbags deployed
Injured, but alive. 

Beloved Astrid,
You saved our lives
But lost your own

I thank God
For His Divine Strength
His Astrid that He gave me
Five years I will never forget
Five years with my first car
Dependable to a fault

Now, my beautiful car,
Your time is done. 
Rest in peace.