Monday, March 31, 2014

Phở with Puns, Part 3

Just when you thought you were safe and I had phởgotten about my Phở posts, inspiration has struck yet again.

For those who need reminders of what has come before, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Phởto by Steven Sauke, 2013

What Does the Phở Say?
Wouldn't we all like to know? Apparently, it says "slurp slurp slurp slurpty-slurp!" and "Wa phở phở phở phở phở pow!" Anyway, it says that at this restaurant. "Sriracha-racha-racha chow!" Will you communicate by phở-ở-ở-ở-ở-ở? The secret of the phở, ancient mystery. Watch out for people wearing phở ears dancing wildly around the restaurant. You can find out more about it here.

Phở News
The flavors are Phở and Balanced™ (though people of other phởlitical persuasions might dispute that).

20th Century Phở
A movie theater that serves phở

A Phở restaurant in Norway. I realize this pun is a bit of a fixer-upper, but sometimes you just have to let it go. The Phở contains whatever snow does in summer, but nobody with their own personal flurry was harmed in the making of this soup. Reindeer tastes better, never mind.

...was a bear. Phởzzy-Wuzzy had no hair. Phởzzy-Wuzzy wasn't phởzzy, was he?

Kermit the Phở
Moi loves to eat there! It's not easy cooking green.

Rephởnance Your Mortgage
Where you can talk to your mortgage broker over a bowl of Phở. The conversations are much more interesting.

Phởlite Conversation
You have to mind your P's and Q's at this restaurant, and always say "Please" and "Thank you."

Nick Phởry
SHIELD's very own phở restaurant. The head waiter wears an eye patch and has a scar on his face.

Susan Phởman
The First Doctor's favorite phở restaurant, which he dedicated to his beloved granddaughter

Swiss Phởmily Robinson
Phở served in a treehouse on an island. It's a family business, though the clientele is very limited.

Winnie the Phở
One of the finest restaurants in the Hundred Acre Wood

Christophở Robin
The other phở restaurant in the Hundred Acre Wood. The two restaurants work together and have great adventures.

Mary Phởpins
Their soup is practically perfect in every way.

Phởdo Baggins
True heroism goes into the making of their phở. It was born from a quest to destroy a ring, and became so much more. The oppressor was defeated, and in the heat of the volcanic fires, a new soup was cooked. Once the hobbits and elves worked together to get the sulfur out and perfect the recipe, a new restaurant was born. As Paul Harvey would say, "...and that's the rest of the story." We're Tolkien' amazing heroics here.

After you phởllow the white rabbit, they offer you an option of the red phở or the blue phở. Either choice will change your destiny. After that, they have a whole matrix of events that happen as a result of your choice.

Phở Factor
A reality show in which people must face their least favorite phở. The theory is that they will realize it doesn't actually taste that bad.

A phở restaurant in the Narnian marshes. Their specialty is eel phở, though everyone will hate it, I shouldn't wonder.

They have a basketball court, but you don't have to play it well.

A restaurant inspired by a stretchy, bouncy substance invented by an absentminded professor

Prophởssor X
A phở restaurant for mutants, founded by a great mutant with telepathic abilities

Phởcy Jackson
A phở restaurant at Camp Half-Blood

If you think of any others, feel free to mention them in the comments, though please keep it clean.