Wednesday, February 27, 2019

More Musical Clickbait

I don't like clickbait any more than I did when I wrote the previous blog about musical clickbait. But I still like to make fun of it. Here are some more headlines for you. (Note that not every headline is 100% accurate. That is intentional.)

They land in a small town in Canada. But they weren't expecting THAT MANY planes at the airport or THAT welcome! We're CRYING!

His therapist told him to write himself a letter. You WON'T BELIEVE what happens when people read it! Share. Like. Spread this EVERYWHERE!

Ex-nun helps decorated naval captain and his seven children DEFY orders from his superiors!

I've been wrong all this time! THIS is why the Lord created men!

You won't believe how this con man seduces this librarian!

38 planes that landed in Gander that day (and 21 that landed in St. John's)

She decides to marry her boss. What happens next will make you sing!

Her ambitions as a writer are ASTONISHING!

They put out the call for help. When Brooklyn responds? I'm SHOCKED!

Displaced by a TORNADO, she uses THIS WEIRD TRICK to get home!

They just ease on down the road to reach their goal!

Jealous uncle USURPS the throne! What happens next? Hakuna matata!

10 guys who want to BRING DOWN the Sharks (and 10 who want to bring down the Jets)

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