Sunday, May 4, 2014

Superheroes to the Rescue!

The day finally arrived! It was Free Comic Book Day, and as a responsible nerd, it was my duty and pleasure to make a pilgrimage downtown to procure my very own free comic book. I arrived at Golden Age Collectables, a fine upstanding comic book establishment in Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market. It is one of my favorite spots in the market, and I like to browse there whenever I go. Upon arrival, I was greeted by none other than Black Widow herself! While I was there, Spider-Man arrived! I couldn't believe it! I had no idea when I arrived at the Pike Place Market that I would in fact be meeting the incredible Natasha Romanoff and the amazing Peter, I mean, who in the world could Spider-Man be? I have no idea who is under that suit! After selecting my Thor comic book and doing further browsing, I left.

Right outside the door to the shop, our heroes were dealing with a brewing storm. A young citizen was threatening to turn into the Hulk! I don't know what anyone had done to make him angry, but I'm sure I wouldn't like him when he's angry. Indeed, Spider-Man expressed concern that his spidey senses were tingling!

 What happened next will likely go down in the great feats of superhero history.

Spider-Man discussed the situation with the citizen, who was already beginning his transformation into the Hulk! Meanwhile, Black Widow had some words with the citizen's parents.

Once she was done discussing the problem with the parents, Black Widow joined in the conversation with the citizen. Both superheroes showed utmost respect and remained calm the entire time, despite Spider-Man's spidey senses tingling.

It was a tense situation, but between the two of them, Black Widow and Spider-Man were successfully able to diffuse it, ending with an amicable solution. The citizen did not transform into the Hulk, and everyone was happy. The citizen even got his picture taken with the brave souls who saved him. This boy will surely grow into a fine upstanding citizen, thanks to the timely intervention from Spider-Man and Black Widow.

However, I am somewhat concerned about the citizen behind said citizen (not pictured), who was wearing a Hulk hoodie.

After seeing such amazing heroics with my own eyes, I had to get a picture with them! It was a wonder to behold.

Closer view of Black Widow and Spider-Man. 

I will not soon forget this day, where I witnessed history in the making, when a boy became a man.

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