Thursday, May 8, 2014

Edmonds Sunset

Since I missed the spectacular sunset on April 30 when I was on the beach at Golden Gardens, I was determined to get sunset pictures while the weather was clear. So the following evening, May 1, I went to the nearby beach in Edmonds. I was not disappointed. "Spectacular" is putting it mildly. I am constantly amazed at God's artwork broadcast across the sky for the world to see.

All photos © 2014 Steven Sauke

The first two pictures were taken with my Android:

The following were taken with my camera:

The moon was just a little sliver.

Two ferries crossing the Puget Sound in opposite directions
It reminded me of the line "Two ships passing at a distance, through the darkness, one going from, one coming to, America!" from the song "Journey On" in the musical Ragtime.

A ferry reflected in the water beneath the spectacular sunset

I took the following two pictures with my Android and ran them through Instagram:

I also posted this picture on KING 5's website. It can be viewed here.

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